Mighty Wedge™

"Mighty Wedge® should be in everyone's kitchen drawer!"

"Mighty Wedge® is the perfect household problem solver. It fixed my rattling washing machine!"

"Wobbly restaurant tables are annoying, so I always carry a Mighty Wedge® in my purse."


What's a Mighty Wedge®?
It's a small tapered shim about the size of a matchbook.

What are Mighty Wedges® used for?
Mighty Wedge® fixes all sorts of problems around the home or office and is a must have for do-it-yourself projects and crafts.

Who uses Mighty Wedges®?
Everyone needs a Mighty Wedge®!

What's the difference between a hard & soft Mighty Wedge®?
Hard Mighty Wedges® are rigid, very sturdy and provide firm support.

Soft Mighty Wedges® are flexible and provide cushioned support.

Why do I need a hard Mighty Wedge®?
Hard Mighty Wedges® can easily support 1000 lbs or more. They provide firm support when leveling heavy entertainment centers, bookshelves, refrigerators, stoves and even shop tools.

Why do I need a Soft Mighty Wedge®?
They provide a soft protective cushion when stabilizing delicate fixtures like porcelain toilets, sinks, glass panels or clay pots. They also help reduce noise by absorbing vibration between pipes, rattling cabinets in your RV, or metal panels on your furnace.

How do you trim Mighty Wedges®?
You can trim the soft Mighty Wedges® to a perfect fit with a knife or even a pair of scissors. Hard Mighty Wedges® can be trimmed with a light tap of a sharp chisel. 

Can you stack Mighty Wedges® so they don't slip?
Yes. Mighty Wedges® have unique off-set interlocking ridges on both sides.

Do you need tools to use Mighty Wedges®?
No tools needed.

How do I remove a Mighty Wedge® from hard-to-reach places?
The unique Mighty Wedge® design allows you to easily grip and remove with pliers.

Will Mighty Wedge® fix wobbly tables?
Mighty Wedge® will stop a wobbling table anywhere you go!  Carry a few on your key chain or in your purse!

Can I use Mighty Wedge® outside in the yard?
Yes. Mighty Wedges® are outdoor safe and weatherproof.

Are Mighty Wedges® better than wood shims?
Yes.  Mighty Wedges® don't splinter or rot. They're reusable.

Is Mighty Wedge® recyclable?
Yes, 100%!

Are Mighty Wedges® available in different colors?
Yes. See our product page.

Where are Mighty Wedges® available?
Online Now!
Coming soon to your local retailers.

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